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					Claps Hands<br>
					Drinks from Cup<br>
					First Baby Food<br>
					First Bath<br>
					First Bus Ride<br>
					First Holds Crayon<br>
					First Outing<br>
					First Portrait<br>
					First Smile<br>
					First Step<br>
					First Swim<br>
					First Table Food<br>
					First Tooth<br>
					First Trip to Zoo<br>
					First Vacation<br>
					Holds Bottle<br>
					Holds Toy<br>
					Mimics Sound<br>
					Pulls Up<br>
					Recognizes Faces<br>
					Rolls Back to Tummy<br>
					Rolls from Tummy to Back<br>
					Says First Word<br>
					Sits Alone<br>
					Sleeps Through the Night<br>
					Waves Bye-Bye<br>
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