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The First Year Script was written by Michelle Potter of http://usr-bin-mom.com.

This script is linkware.  To use this script in its original form, you must link back to http://usr-bin-mom.com
The First Year Script is free to use and redistribute under the GPL.  You received a copy of the GPL in your .zip file.  Please read it.  While there is no cost for using The First Year Script, if you want to send me money, gifts, stickers, or pictures of the baby, I wouldn't object!

The First Year Script is meant to allow new mommies to provide baby updates right on their websites.  The script gives the baby's name, birthdate, and current age, a recent picture, and a recent milestone.  While it is called The First Year Script, you could theoretically use it for your child's whole life.  With the exception of twins, this script is meant to be used for one child at a time, so if you want to use it for all of your children, you will have to install multiple copies -- probably in different directories on your site.

This script is JUST FOR FUN!  It's a toy.  The age might not always be exact to the day (because of months having different numbers of days).  Also, this is not a baby book; it does not keep archives.  If you want to permanently preserve the dates of certain milestones, get some paper and a pen and write it down!

You must be able to use php on your website to use this script.

Open firstyearform.php and edit the USERNAME and PASSWORD variables to whatever you would like.  Create a directory called firstyear.  Upload firstyearform.php, firstyear.php, suggestions.html, customize.csv, milestones.csv, pictures.csv, and baby.gif to this directory.  Go to http://yoursite.com/firstyear/firstyearform.php, enter your username and password, and enter your information.  To display your script, use a php include on any php enabled page.

More specific intallation instructions can be found in install.txt.  If you have any questions, please post them at http://usr-bin-mom.com/journal.php?id=474
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