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1. Open firstyearform.php and edit the USERNAME and PASSWORD variables to whatever you would like.

2. Create a directory off of your main site called firstyear.

3. Upload firstyearform.php, firstyear.php, path.php, suggestions.html, customize.csv, milestones.csv, pictures.csv, and baby.gif to this directory.

4. CHMOD all of the .csv files to 777 (chmod 777 *.csv).

5. Go to http://www.yoursite.com/firstyear/firstyearform.php, enter your username and password.
	5a. If you get a 500 error or an "unauthorized access" error when you go to firstyearform.php, open the file up and comment out everything above <html>. (That can be done by putting // at the beginning of the line.)
	5b. After you comment out the password script, you will want to move firstyearform.php into a password protected directory or find another way to protect the file.  Otherwise anyone can come in and screw around with your script.
	5c. If you move firstyearform.php into another directory, you'll have to edit the line that calls firstyear.php to use the correct path to that file.  DON'T move firstyear.php into a passworded directory, or no one will be able to see your script at all without a password.

6. Enter your baby's name in the "Baby's Name" field.

7. Use the drop-down menus to select your baby's birthdate in the "Baby's Birthday" fields.

8. For the "Baby's Gender" field, choose either boy, girl, or twins.  For multiples other than twins, choose twins.

9. To display a recent photo of your baby, enter the url of a photo in the "Picture URL" field.  If you do not enter anything here, the default baby drawing will be displayed.

10. If you are displaying a recent photo, you will need a thumbnail sized to either 100x75 pixels, or 75x100 pixels.  Enter the url of the thumbnail in the "Thumbnail URL" field.

11. Enter the date of your recent photo in the "Picture Date" field.

12. To display your baby's most recent milestone, enter it into the "Milestone" field.  Do not put a period at the end, as the date will be appended in the script (if you enter "Seamus got his first tooth" it will read like "Seamus got his first tooth on [date]).  If you need a suggestion for a milestone, click the "suggestions" link to the right of the field.  Keep in mind that the script does not keep archives, so if there is something important that you want to remember, WRITE IT IN YOUR BABY BOOK!

13. Enter the date of your baby's most recent milestone in the "Milestone Date" field.  Do not put a period at the end.

14. Use your browser to view path.php and follow the directions there to include The First Year Script on any PHP enabled page.

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