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<table width="600" border="0"><tr><td align=right>
<img class="pic" src="lp_logo.gif" >
</td></tr><tr><td align=right>	

<a href="http://www.mr-corner.com/LittlePoll/index.html">little poll home</a>


<div class="subhead">amazing little picture poll readme </div>

<div class="text">
	Hi there. This readme file will give some background information on 
	The Amazing Little Picture Poll and, most importantly, will tell you 
	how to set it up on your site!</div>

<div class="subhead">about </div>

<div class="text">
	The Amazing Little Picture Poll v1.0 is a sweet little
	php application. It is a simple picture poll which uses
	a flat file to store voting scores. It's easy to set up
	and configure to your own needs.</div>

<div class="text">
	The Amazing Little Picture Poll can be freely 
	distributed, manipulated, stolen, abused,
	used for any kind of activities.</div>

<div class="text">
	In case of any problems with the original
	code, I'll be glad to help out. Mail
	to: <a href="mailto:hide@address.com">littlepoll</a></div>
<div class="text">
	Any suggestions for improvement are also 
	always very welcome!</div>

<div class="text">
	I can not be held responsible or liable for 

<div class="subhead">version history </div>

<div class="text">
	v1.0: First full version with installation instructions
	to be freely distributed.

<div class="text">
	v0.2: Some minor improvements.</div>

<div class="text">
	v0.1: First beta version, created on request 
	based on the code of The Amazing Little Poll.</div>

<div class="subhead">requirements</div>

<div class="text">
	Besides the REALLY obvious:

	A php-enabled webserver, and access to it
	to set a file's attibutes.</div>

<div class="subhead">installation steps</div>

<div class="text"><b>Step 1:Copying files</b></div>

<div class="text">
	Copy the following files to your home
	directory on the webserver:<br>
	- lp_settings.php<br>
	- lp_source.php<br>
	- lp_admin.php<br>
	- lp_test.php<br>
	- lp_silly.php<br>
	- lp_recookie.php<br>
	- lplist.txt<br>
	- lp_log.dat<br>
	- lp_0.gif<br>
	- lp_1.gif<br>
	- all files in the "images" subdirectory, make sure
	  they are in the same subdirectory in your server</div>

<div class="text">
	I would recommend <a href="http://www.smartftp.com/">SmartFTP</a> 
	as an FTP client. It's free for personal use and works pretty good.

<div class="text"><b>Step 2: Setting file attributes</b></div>

<div class="text">
	Set the attributes of the file "lppiclist.txt"
	and "lp_log.dat" so all parties (owner, group, public) have read and 
	write access. That's CHMOD to 666 for the techies out there.</div>

<div class="text">
	If you use  <a href="http://www.smartftp.com/">SmartFTP</a>, then select
	the file you want to change attributes of, select Commands - 
	Properties / CHMOD. Then type 666 in the permissions box.</div>

<div class="text"><b>Step 3: Set-up</b></div>

<div class="text">
	Open lp_admin.php in your browser, and set
	up your poll. (Initial password = 

<div class="text">
	For the pictures that you want for voting, use full links to
	both thumbnails and the full size pictures.

<div class="text"><b>Step 4: Testing</b></div>

<div class="text">
	Test your poll using the Amazing Little Poll
	Test Facility. Open lp_test.php for this
	in your browser.</div>

<div class="text"><b>Step 5: Implementing source code</b></div>
<div class="text">
	Now that the poll itself is working, it's 
	time to implement it into your site. Paste 
	the following code above the &lt;html&gt; tag in 
	your site (so really above everything else):</div>

<div class="text">
	&lt;?php include("lp_source.php"); ?&gt;</div>

<div class="text">
	(if you get an error message like "cannot 
	add header information, headers already
	sent by...", then please make sure that the 
	&lt;?php tag is really at the beginning of the

<div class="text"><b>Step 6: Implementing poll</b></div>

<div class="text">

	Where you want the poll to be in your page,
	add the following lines of code:</div>

<div class="text">
	&lt;?php if($votingstep==1) { echo($step1str); }<br> 
	if($votingstep==2) { echo($step2str); }<br> 
	if($votingstep==3) { echo($step3str); } ?&gt;</div>
<div class="text">
	Where you want the question to be in the
	page, add the following line of code:</div>

<div class="text">
	&lt;?php echo($question); ?&gt;</div>

<div class="text">
	If you want to show the total number
	of votes, add the following line:</div>

<div class="text">
	&lt;?php echo($totalvotes); ?&gt;</div>

<div class="text"><b>Step 7: Implementating dynamic title</b></div>

<div class="text">
	You can add a 'dynamic' title for the Poll,
	which reads something like "your votes 
	please" or "thanks for your vote", 
	depending on the situation. Put the 
	following code where you want the title to 

<div class="text">
	&lt;?php echo($mainstr); ?&gt;</div>

<div class="text"><b>Step 8: Customizing general</b></div>

<div class="text">
Open the file 'lp_settings.php' in a text
editor and set it up according to your 

<div class="text">
IMPORTANT: make sure you set the filename
of your page (for example, index.php) 

<div class="text">
IMPORTANT: change the initial admincenter
password for better security!</div>

<div class="text"><b>Step 9: Customizing the graphs</b></div>

<div class="text">
	The graph is drawn using two little .gif
	files. They should be 1 pixel in width. You
	can change them to change the appearance and color of
	the graphs. </div>

<div class="text"><b>Step 10: Customizing the vote button</b></div>

<div class="text">
	You can change the style of the vote button
	to fit the style of your page. To do this, 
	enter the CSS code in the $buttonstyle 
	variable in lp_settings.inc. For
	example, to get a black button with a white 
	border and white text:</div>

<div class="text">
	$buttonstyle="border:1px solid white; 

<div class="text">
	For more information on CSS (cascading style
	sheets), visit <a href=http://www.webmonkey.com">Webmonkey</a></div>

<div class="text"><b>Step 11: Logging</b></div>

<div class="text">
	Open lp_log.dat to get an overview of 
	events of the poll, when a new one was 
	created, hack attempts, votings, etc.</div>


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