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//settings for The Amazing Little Poll:

// IMPORTANT: change this one into the name of your homepage file, 
//           for example, index.php

// File in which voting scores are kept
$filename = "lppiclist.txt"; 

// Change this password so no one else can access the lp_admin.php via the web

// Change the number of columns here:

//Time between votes in seconds
$time_between_votes = 36000; 

// Width of graph in pixels
$graph_width = 100; 

// Height of graph in pixels
$graph_height = 12; 

// Messages (Can easily be used as 'dynamic headers' for the poll)
$message1="Your votes please";  
$message2="Thanks for Voting!";
$message3="Poll Results";

// Text on vote button

// Use CSS code to style the 'vote' button
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