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 TeeChart for PHP version 1

 Copyright (c) 2006-2010
 by Steema Software SL
 All Rights Reserved.

 email: general: hide@address.com
 support forum: http://www.teechart.net/support/index.php


Release Notes Notes 16th June 2010

1)  GridBand Tool draws centered GridBands
    when GridCentered is set to true for
    the Axis.
2)  Logarithmic axes don't work, now fixed.
3)  Bar and Horiz. Bar Series now can be 
    drawn in some styles (Rectangle, Cylinder,
    Arrow, Cone, Ellipse, InvArrow, Pyramid
    and InvPyramid).
4)  Added support for Gradient on most of
    the Chart objects (also for some Series
5)  New Arrow series type added.
6)  New Bezier Series type added.
7)  Stairs mode for 2D line does not work
    fine, now fixed.
8)  Area Lines couldn't be displayed, now
9)  Tutorials have been improved, part of 
    codes fixed.
10) Added Gradient support for the 
    rectangle objects, like Legend, Bars,
11) Adding Null points does not paint as
    transparent color, now fixed.
12) Transparency doesn't work for some 
    objects like Legend, now fixed.
13) Added support for Transparency on 
    Area Series.

Release Notes Notes 18th July 2009

 1) New Smoothing Function.
 2) Export to Flash/Flex (flex sdk needs
    to be installed on the system and
    \bin path must be added as PATH into
    the environment variables.
 3) New Events.
 4) Now includes several themes to be 
    applied to the Chart.
 5) Native (TEP) Export and Import.
 6) Shadow for 2D Line Series.
 7) New Tools.
 8) New Series Types.
 9) Flash / Flex export demo added.
10) CodeIgniter integration demo added.
11) New color palettes.

1) Improved speed creating the image.
2) Inprovements for all the Series types.
3) Improvements for custom axes.

Release Notes Notes 20th January 2009

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