Location: PHPKode > scripts > TeamMailer > teammailer/config.php

// Insert your email adress (You may also want to add you to the team list)
$admin_email = "hide@address.com";

// the location of your team list (normally as set below)
$list = "./team/list.dat";

// The absolute location of your team mailer folder
$location = "http://www.absolute_path/to_your_script_folder/";

// Set the name of your team
$team_name = "Our great team";

// This is the signature of the email that is sent to the selected team members
$sig = "\n**********************************\n$team_name\nOur Team Mailer is located at:\n$location\nPlease, do not abuse this system!\nReport E-mail changes to: $admin_email\n**********************************\n";

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