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<p><strong>About this script:</strong></p>
<p>This script was made to give webmasters and designers a way to get email without 
  having their email address presently seen on a site. It works by taking form 
  input then using sendmail or another email daemon. Although theres a lot of 
  these scripts out there. I tried to make this one a little more secure than 
  most. This script can only be accessed from your domain, which means someone 
  typing in a specially crafted url won't email you every 2 seconds. It checks 
  to make sure email from is in right format. Also strips all html tags out of 
  input. And also stamps each message with the users remote address. </p>
<p>open 'send_email.php' with a text editor. On line 14 you'll see an email address, 
  Change that email address to the one you want the mail sent to.</p>
<p>Then on line 15, you'll need to enter your domain name. You only need to enter 
  the base domain. Like http://www.myserver.com</p>
<p>Then just save the file.</p>
<p>Next upload both 'send_mail.php' and 'contact.php' to your webserver. </p>
<p>*Note* You can change the name of contact.php if you like, but do not change 
  the name of send_email.php</p>
<p>**Note** You can open contact.php and edit it to fit your site style. </p>
<p><strong>CopyRight and other info:</strong></p>
<p>This script is Free as long as you leave a link at the bottom of the contact 
  page that links back to http://www.statix.f2s.com . If you would like the link 
  removed please send a small donation to hide@address.com along with your web 
  address. Thanks for your support! </p>
<p>If you have any problems with the script email me at hide@address.com</p>
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