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"Counter of Visitors-7" version 1.0 read me file (August 7 2010).
Copyright (C) 2010 Style-7. All Rights Reserved.


You can use software PHP scripts "Counter of Visitors-7" for free.
You have the right to modify PHP scripts, but in this case you do not have the right distribute it.
Style-7 is not responsible for any damage these scripts do to you or your computer. Use it at you own risk.


"Counter of Visitors-7" is PHP scripts for show counter in text or graphic format. Scripts have filter for robots and use text file for store value of counter.
This "read me" file has detailed instructions for installation, so this can use even beginner web master.


Make your choice: text or graphic format. 
Text format will display counter according to tag's style, for example "<DIV class="my_style">0000001</DIV>".
Graphic format required equal images for numbers 0..9, but appearance of counter may be original. Three types of images are included in installation. Of course you can create original images using any graphic editor. Please note, name of images must be from "0" to "9", extension may be any. If a visitor use browser with option "show images is off" he will see counter by alternative text.


 * In folder "counter" delete all files except: "counter_text.php". Rename file "counter_text.php" to "counter.php". Go to chapter "Common customize".


 * In folder "counter" unpack an archive with images or copy your own images here.
 * In folder "counter" delete all files except: images "0..9" and "counter_graphic.php". Rename file "counter_graphic.php" to "counter.php".


As default counter use zero padding with 7 numbers (0000001), for set off zero padding (1) or set new value, open file "counter\counter.php" by Notepad find string "$zeroPadding = 7;" and edit it (0 for off).


If extension of images not "png", open file "counter\counter.php" by Notepad find string "$imageExtension = "png";" and edit it.


 * Upload folder "counter" to your web server to the "root" folder (hint: go to folder "public_html").
 * Select parent folder of "root" folder (hint: there you can see folder "public_html"), create folder "counter" and upload to the folder file "counter.txt".
 * Using "Direct Admin" or ftp client set attributes of file "counter.txt" to 777 (it means: script can read, write and execute the file). So, why we upload text file here? For safety: guest can not access to this file.


This is may be not trivial task.
 * If your web page has extension "php" (for example "index.php") then open it by web editor or notepad and insert this code to the place of counter:

        <?php include "/counter/counter.php"; ?>

* Else, there are two ways (or may be more...) run PHP script on the web page with another extension, for example for "html": 
    1) Associate "html" extension for PHP interpreter.
    2) Use SSI (Server side Included) service.
I recommended second way.

 * Using "Direct Admin" open file ".htaccess" in "root" folder (or load, edit and upload the file using ftp client). Be careful during edition: this is very important file. 
    So add this text if it is absent for first way:
       AddType application/x-httpd-php html

    Or add this text if it is absent for second way:

       AddHandler server-parsed .html

Be careful (!) include something one, for example on my web server two instructions do not work correctly together.

 * Save ".htaccess" file.
 * Open web page by web editor or notepad and insert this code to the place of counter:
    for first way:

       <?php include "/counter/counter.php"; ?>

   for second way:

       <!-- #include virtual "/counter/counter.php" -->

and upload web page to web server.


Open your web page in web browser. Press "F5" or select menu item "Update". If counter will increase test is passed.
For see test result on our site use this links: 


Please visit our site for download free trial program "Button Maker-7". This program allow you fast create buttons or background images (for example images for counter).
Also you can find here font "Digital-7". For your personal page you can use it for free.


Please visit our site for free download our other products as freeware as shareware.
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