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Stock Quoter will display 20 minute delayed stock quotes and intraday charts in any PHP page. It uses the stock data provided by Yahoo.com.



Stock Quoter requires PHP4 or better. It's been tested on Linux/Apache. I don't see any reason why it shouldn't run on a MS server with IIS, or any other platform/web server combination as long as PHP4+ is available.

The script must be able to access http://finance.yahoo.com to work!

The script is not meant to generate a stand-alone page (although it will). It is designed to be placed within a page, either through an include call or by just pasting the code into the page. An include call is neater and easier to manage, especially if want to upgrade to new versions. If you're unfamiliar with PHP's include statement, you can find documentation at http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.include.php .


Configuring Stock Quoter

Open config.inc.php in any text editor and enter values to format the display to match your page layout. More detailed instruction can be found inside config.inc.php.


Installing Stock Quoter

As an include (recommended):
Upload stock_quotes.php, config.inc.php, up.gif, and down.gif to any directory under your web root. Note that all files must reside in the same directory. You can now open stock_quotes.php directly in your browser. To display stock quotes within a PHP page on your site, use an include statement at the point where you want it to appear: include([full path to script]/stock_quotes.php).

Directly in a PHP page:
Copy all of the code in stock_quotes.php and paste it into your PHP page where you want Stock Quoter to appear. You must upload the remaining files to the same directory where this page resides.

As a stand-alone script:
Modify config.inc.php as required. Optionally, open stock_quotes.php in the editor of your choice. Create any formatting you want before and after the code. Don't edit the code itself. You can surround the code with HTML, PHP, or whatever you want to use to make your page. Just remember that it has to be a PHP page. If you use PHP, make sure to close any open PHP script (?>) you place before the Stock Quoter code. Upload stock_quotes.php, config.inc.php, up.gif, and down.gif to any directory under your web root.



Stock Quoter is distributed as freeware or under a commercial license. It is not open-source or GPL.

Freeware version
The freeware version of Stock Quoter can be used without restriction. The copyright notice and links to s1m.com must remain intact. The ability to format the display is limited in the freeware version.

Licensed version
Stock Quoter is registered for use in a single domain. The license is valid for use anywhere within that domain, including subdomains, e.g., a licence for mydomain.com is valid for quotes.mydomain.com, stocks.mydomain.com, etc. The registered version does not display copyright information, or link back to s1m.com. You can purchase a license at https://www.s1m.com/stock_quoter/buy.php .
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