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Place this file in the same directory as stock_quotes.php
You can customize the stock quote display by entering values
below. All values are optional. Default values for blank fields
are noted and valid values are given where appropriate. Most
correspond to style calls so you can format entries accordingly.


/* Enter your registration code here to suppress
the display of copyright and link information */


/* If you use style sheets for formatting, you can
enter your style classes here to format elements
within the stock quote display */

// Class name for form text inputs
// Class name for form submit buttons
// Class name for table formatting

/* values for formatting elements of the Stock Quoter table */

$table_align=""; // left, right, center

$table_border_width="2px"; // value in pixels (e.g., 2px), thin, medium thick

$table_border_style="solid"; // value in pixels (e.g., 2px), dotted, dashed, solid, double, groove, ridge, inset, outset (defaults to solid if $table_border_width is set)

$table_border_color="#8ebdff"; // hex value or color name

/* Changes to the following values will only take effect if 
a valid registration code is entered above. You can get a registration code
for your domain at https://www.s1m.com/stock_quotes/index.php */

$table_bg_color=""; // hex value or color name

$text_font=""; // comma-separated font names (default:verdana,arial,helvetica,sans-serif)

$text_color=""; // hex value or color name 

$text_size=""; // any valid font size value (default:11px)

/* Background and text colors for the diplay header (and footer in unregistered copies) */
$hf_bg_color="#8ebdff"; // hex value or color name
$hf_text_color=""; // hex value or color name (default:#000000)

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