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<TITLE> Static Parser Engine v1.0 </TITLE>

<h1>Static Parser Engine Documentation</h1>
Static Parser Engine (SPE) is a kind of CMS for websites. It can be integrated into any static based website (the site which contents static html-pages). Recommended for SEO optimizators!
<h2>Key features</h2>
<li>manage web-pages through web-interface
<li>create, edit, delete and rename files of given extensions in given folders
<li>supported edit modes: WSYIWYG for beginners aka lamers and plain-html for advanced coders
<li>configurable html-parsing
<li>template for creating new pages
<li>fully configurable through config file (can be accessed through web)
<li>Create some folder in document-root (f.e. /admim/) and upload there all files.
<li>CHMOD these files:<BR>
/admin/ folder - write access<BR>
/admin/template.html  - write access<BR>
/admin/config.php  - write access<BR>
all files your plan to manage with SPE - write access
<li>Edit config.php file for some config-varibales
<li>Point to http://yoursite.com/admin/index.php and enjoy site managment ;)
<B>PS:</B> Don't forgot to lock SPE with password to prevent anauthorized access of plotters!<BR>
<B>PPS:</B> If WYSIWYG-editor doesn't work check 'fckeditor' folder for further assistance.
Send your bug reports & feature requests to <A HREF="mailto:hide@address.com">hide@address.com</A>.<BR>
Check for updates on <A HREF="http://bogomolov.in.ua/spe/">http://bogomolov.in.ua/spe/</A>
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