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Files :
1. Moved admin template files from templates/admin to admin/template folder
2. Moved public template files into theme system 
3. Renamed:
	Public Pages: 
		arcadechallenge.php to challenge.php
	Admin Pages
		addLanguage.php to language-import.php
		addPhrase.php to language-phrase-add.php
		buildstats.php to stats-build.php		
		createLanguage.php to language-create.php
		editcategory.php to category-edit.php
		edit-game.php to game-edit.php
		editLanguages.php to language-edit.php
		exportLanguage.php to language-export.php
		languages.php to language-phrase-edit.php
		lostPassword.php to password-lost.php
		mergeCategory.php to category-merge.php
		newcategory.php to category-add.php
		removeuser.php to user-remove.php
		remove-games.php to game-remove.php
		report.php to game-report.php

4. Moved install include files to admin/install folder

Database :
1. Added arcade_comment, arcade_comment_text, arcade_seo

Features :
1. Added Comment System
1. Added Seo Manager System
1. Added Menu Manager System

Other :
1. Optimized the deletion queries for user-remove.php
2. Changed the admin menu system from top to the left
3. Added options class
4. Added admin/game-fgd.php, admin/game-mochi.php, admin/menu-list.php, admin/menu-add.php, admin/theme-add.php, admin/theme-list.php, admin/seo-add.php, admin/seo-list.php
5. Removed adder-mass.php
6. Optimized options.php
7. Added mass sort to category-edit.php
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