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/* -----------------8/23/2009-----------------
Shoutcast Status Full 1.9

This is a Nice hack to add Shoutcast Status on your site.
Hope it helps !!!  Zachariah @ http://www.szone.us

SHOUTcast is a free-of-charge audio homesteading solution. It permits anyone
on the internet to broadcast audio from their PC to listeners across the
Internet or any other IP-based network (Office LANs, college campuses, etc.).


Server Name
Last 19 songs
3 Popup players (quicktime, media player, real player)
DJ Name
Current Song
Media Type
Most Ever Connected
Hit Count
Users Connected
Avj. Connect Time
User Max
IRC Server and Room
Online / Offline status
XML Data Cache


12 images
3 php files
1 css file
1 xml file

Edit: Notes   |
- config.php

Fill out your shoutcast server settings between:


//End configuration

Upload: Notes  |
- shout.xml  * CHMOD 777

Variables used.
If you choose not to show any/all:
Here is a list of variables that can be used in your "forumhome_shoutcast". If do not wish to show data, just remove the variables.

$scdef = Default station name
$scip = IP shoutcast server
$scport = Port of shoutcast server
$scpass = Admin password (not DJ) to shoutcast server
$ircsite = IRC Server - EX: irc.server.com
$song[t] = Song History:t can range from 0-19. EX: $song[0], $song[1], $song[2] .... $song[19] ----- $song[0] (zerro) is the current song playing.
$servertitle = "Discription" - setting in DJ - DSP (I used for DJ Name).
$servergenre = - setting in DSP.
$bitrate = Quility of the Bitrate - setting in DJ - DSP .
$icq = ICQ# of DJ - setting in DJ - DSP.
$aim = AIM# of DJ - setting in DJ - DSP.
$irc = IRC room of DJ - setting in DJ - DSP.
$url = URL - setting in DJ - DSP
$currentlisteners = Current connected users.
$maxlisteners = Max users for the server.
$irclink = irc://$ircsite/$irc
$listenamp = http://$scip:$scport/listen.pls
$listenlnk = http://$scip:$scport
$averagemin = average listener time in minuets

Changelog      |
1.9   8.23.09
- Cleaned up syntax for PHP5
- Fixed "Avj. Time" on line to display H,M,S

1.8   2.17.06
- Added XML cache + timer
- Added AdminCP setting vs. edit the php file

1.7  12.25.05
- Killed auto create Module on Install

- Fixed Media Player in non IE browsers
- Fixed Real Player in non IE browsers

- Added 19 song history vs. 5
- Added Windows Media Player popup
- Added Real Media Player popup
- Added Quicktime Media Player popup
- Added marquee to Curent song playing
- Added Avj. Connect Time (avj. of the total time users connected; untill server reboot)
- Added Media Type (tells what the source file format is: mpeg, CDA, WAV)
- Added Hit Count (total connections to the server since the server reboot)
- Added Most Ever (total connections at one time to the server since the server reboot)
- Added 4 images for choice of media player
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