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//  Tests the SQL cache class to ensure
// that all responses are cached properly
//    with respect to their TTL, etc.

require_once 'test.php';
require_once '../src/api.php';
require_once '../src/filestore_cache.php';
require_once '../src/sql_cache.php';

class CacheTest extends Test
    function __construct()
        $this->name        = 'Cache';
        $this->description = 'Tests the SQL cache to ensure that data can be stored and retrieved correctly and ensures that the TTL value is respected.';
    // Runs the test suite on a particular cache instance
    private function TestCache($type, $cache)
        echo "* Testing $type cache...\n";
        // Clear the cache just in case
        // Add two values to the cache - one of which
        // has a TTL value of 1
        $cache->AddToCache('a', 'b', 1);
        $cache->AddToCache('c', 'd');
        // Pause for 2 seconds
        if($cache->RetrieveFromCache('a') !== FALSE)
            throw new Exception('Value for "a" stored in cache still available after TTL expired.');
        if($cache->RetrieveFromCache('c') != 'd')
            throw new Exception('Value for "c" in cache does not match stored value.');
        // Register this cache with the API to ensure that
        // Stack.PHP methods are using it correctly.
        // Get the total number of questions on Stack Apps
        // and then count how many API requests were sent
        $num_api_requests = API::GetAPIRequests();
        // Now re-issue the same request and compare the number of API requests sent
        if($num_api_requests != API::GetAPIRequests())
            throw new Exception('API response was not retrieved from the cache.');
        // Clear the cache
        // Now perform the request again and make sure that the number
        // of API requests made increases.
        if($num_api_requests == API::GetAPIRequests())
            throw new Exception('There was an error clearing the cache.');
    protected function PerformTest()
        // Test the SQL cache class
        $sqlite_filename = sys_get_temp_dir() . '/stackphp.sqlite';
        // Make sure the file is blank
                throw new Exception('The SQLite database file could not be removed.');
        $this->TestCache('SQL', new SQLCache(SQLCache::SQLite, $sqlite_filename));
        // Test the filestore class
        $this->TestCache('Filestore', new FilestoreCache(sys_get_temp_dir() . '/stackphp'));

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