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	 * @version V1.0 2002/July/18 (c) Erh-Wen,Kuo (hide@address.com). All rights reserved.
	 * Released under both BSD license and Lesser GPL library license. 
	 * Whenever there is any discrepancy between the two licenses, 
	 * the BSD license will take precedence. 
	 * purpose: This is a example how to use "sql2excel" class to write mysql sql content
	 *          to excel file format and stream the output to user's browser directly.
	//the query string you want to show
		$query="Select * From employees";
	//setup parameters for initiating Sql2Excel class instance
	//modify your mysql connection parameters & database name below:
	//initiating Sql2Excel class instance
	$excel=new Sql2Excel($db_host,$db_user,$db_pwd,$db_dbname);
	//Output excel file to user's browser
	echo"<h1>Exel Generate Completed!!</h1>";
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