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//---- Including the class.
include 'class.SQLBackup.php';

//---- Database host, name user and pass.
//---- Change these to match your mysql database.
$db_host = "localhost"	;//---- Database host(usually localhost).
$db_name = "test"	;//---- Your database name.
$db_user = "root"	;//---- Your database username.
$db_pass = ""	;//---- Your database password.

//---- The name of the file which you want restore data from.
//     You need to use physical path to this file. e.g. ../data/backup.txt
$output = "backup.txt";

//---- this must be the same as the one you used for backup.
$structure_only = false;

//---- instantiating object.
$backup = new SQLBackup($db_user,

//---- calling the backup method finally creats a file with the name specified in $output
//     and stors everythig so you can copy the file anywhere you want. This file will be
//     restored with another method of this class named "restore" that is described in
//     example-backup.php
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