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* SQL2PDFReport Generator Class
* @author  :  MA Razzaque Rupom <hide@address.com>, <hide@address.com>
*             Moderator, phpResource Group(http://groups.yahoo.com/group/phpresource/)
*             URL: http://www.rupom.info  
* @version :  1.0
* @date       06/05/2006 (modified on 06/23/2006)
* Purpose  :  Generating Pdf Report from SQL Query


//make sure the DB connection is ok

//queries whose output will be used as report data
$query_1 = "SELECT * FROM book";
$query_2 = "SELECT title,author FROM book";
$query_3 = "SELECT book_id,publisher,reader FROM book";

$obj = new Sql2PdfReport();

//sets absolute path where temporary report HTML file will be saved (should be under doc_root so that its URL can be set)
$obj->setHtmlPath("/projects/rupom/phpclasses/sql2pdfreport/first_test.html"); //change this according to your Path

//sets URL of the temporary report HTML file
$obj->setHtmlUrl("http://localhost/phpclasses/sql2pdfreport/first_test.html");//change this according to your URL

//inits row colors. colors will be repeated automatically

//generates report from $query_1

//changes row colors for the second report.

//generates report from $query_2 and appends it to previous report data

//generates report from $query_3 and appends it to previous report data

//pdf version
$pdfVersion = '1.4'; //change it according to your need
$pdfVersion = 1.3 for Acrobat Reader 4
$pdfVersion = 1.4 for Acrobat Reader 5
$pdfVersion = 1.5 for Acrobat Reader 6

//sets PDF version

//gets the pdf report of all the report data        
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