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#    S P Y C
#      a simple php yaml class
# Feel free to dump an array to YAML, and then to load that YAML back into an
# array.  This is a good way to test the limitations of the parser and maybe
# learn some basic YAML.


$array[] = 'Sequence item';
$array['The Key'] = 'Mapped value';
$array[] = array('A sequence','of a sequence');
$array[] = array('first' => 'A sequence','second' => 'of mapped values');
$array['Mapped'] = array('A sequence','which is mapped');
$array['A Note'] = 'What if your text is too long?';
$array['Another Note'] = 'If that is the case, the dumper will probably fold your text by using a block.  Kinda like this.';
$array['The trick?'] = 'The trick is that we overrode the default indent, 2, to 4 and the default wordwrap, 40, to 60.';
$array['Old Dog'] = "And if you want\n to preserve line breaks, \ngo ahead!";
$array['key:withcolon'] = "Should support this to";

$yaml = Spyc::YAMLDump($array,4,60);
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