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Installation of class.splay.php

As described in the class itself, you must acquire the stand-alone flash player from
http://wpaudioplayer.com/standalone , install the audio-player.js and the player.swf in a 
suitable directory.  The class.splay.php will search for these two files in the document root. 
However, I personally hate to clutter the root with too many files and have therefore stuffed 
these two files in the same directory as all my classes and then just made a soft link to them 
in the document root.  This might not be possible if you are using a MS-Windows based 
server - not sure.

After the installation of all three files:
you should be ready to use it on one of you web pages as described in the example in 

I have not incorporated all the available parameters mentioned on 
http://wpaudioplayer.com/standalone , but it should be pretty obvious how to add more 
options in case you need them.

Good luck
Carl Friis-Hansen
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