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OSMARTDIR is an example showing how to create a complete directory reader/manager using the SPL and Iterators.

This is only a beigining, that can, I hope, give you some clues to create your onw, perfect, directory manager ;-)

This one can apply filters (using FilterIterator) to personalize the reading. I also have implemented a copy method that can use
the filters to copy only what you want (in the exemple, I only copy files containing 'php' string in their name).

Some doc :

FILTER_ON only shows files matching the pattern
oSmartDir::FILTER_ON = 'php';
whill shows only files which filenames contain 'php'
oSmartDir::FILTER_ON = array ('php', 'html', 'js');
whill shows only files which filenames contain 'php', or 'html' or 'js'

FILTER_OFF do not show files matching the pattern
oSmartDir::FILTER_OFF = 'php';
won't show files which filenames contain 'php'
You can also use an arry here.

oSmartDir::DIr = false;
Won't show folders

oSmartDir::FILE = false;
won't show files

oSmartDir::RECURSE = false;
won't read recursively
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