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 * ezSpamBotTrap - v3.20070924
 * This script generates a labyrinth
 * of random e-mail-addresses.
 * This script is to free the world
 * from Spam! Make love not spam!
 * This script can be used always for free
 * and should never be sold and is free for 
 * sharing. Never remove this text.
 * ! CAUTION !
 * Usage of this script is always on your
 * own risk! You should always use the script
 * far away of your main ip/domain.
 * Spammer may dislike your actions and
 * try to harm your servers or reputation.
 * You should also have no limits on traffic.
 * Spambots are as stupid as their creators
 * and may spider your pages without ending.
 * An exit link is created on each page to 
 * hopefully prevent.
 * Be warned of spam-abuse to your domains
 * and high traffic-rates!
 * The author doesnt care. It is all up to 
 * yourself. Theres no liability, no warranty.

Package contains 5 files
...htaccess-bottrap.txt  (traps and redirects bots from one domain to the other with the labyrinth on)
...htaccess-onyourtrapdomain.txt  (simulation of static html links like 12345.html)

Installation and Setup of the Script...

1. open  spamtrap.php  and make your settings:

  $count_pagebrowserlinks = 10;   //pagebrowser-size means 10 links on a row
  $count_maxpages = 1000;         //range for virtual-pages is 1000
  $count_addresses = 20;          //20 emails per page 
  $email_link = TRUE;             //output email as link or if false as plain-text

2. save file
3. open  htaccess-onyourtrapdomain.txt  and edit the domain where to route in case of 404 in last line.

4. save file

5. upload  spamtrap.php, htaccess-onyourtrapdomain.txt, class.ezSpamBotTrap.php  on your domain where
   the labyrinth should run on.
6. rename the uploaded file on your domain from  htaccess-onyourtrapdomain.txt  to  .htaccess  

7. open  htaccess-bottrap.txt  and edit the url where to redirect to if a badbot comes along

8. save file

9. upload  htaccess-bottrap.txt  to the domain you want to protect from bots

10. rename the uploaded file on your domain from  htaccess-bottrap.txt  to  .htaccess  

ca va... now testing...

Testing installation

0. open your website and test what happends- page should load normal...

1. then open your Firefox and enter  about:config  in the url-line...

2. then enter  general.useragent.extra.firefox  in the filter-line...

3. rightclick on the item in the listing window below...

4. select edit  and change value to badbot2...

5. clear your browser cache and try again to load your website. now
   you should be redirected successfully to your email-labyrinth

Update Botlist...

check on the internet for lists of badbots user-agents and add
them to your  bottrap-server-htaccess-file...
...dont forget to try like discribed above!!! 
reg-ex may cause difficulties to different installations?!

have fun hunting bots and teasing the spammers!
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