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Spam Payback v 1.0 Read Me

Written by Lev <hide@address.com>
Written & Released: January 25th 2006

Simple script, which needs no modification, which generates fake email addresses to supply spam-bot-spiders with useless information. The purpose is simple: to contribute to the fight against spam by giving them what they don't need or want (completely legally).

* Nothing in the script needs to be modified unless you want to change the number of fake email addresses from 1000 to a different number.

 1) Requirements
 2) Simple Installation
 3) Customizing Options In The Script
 4) Methods Of Calling The Script
 5) History / Help / Troubleshooting


php 4 or > access

2)===========SIMPLE INSTALLATION==========

This package should contain at least the following:




If for some reason or another you do not have one or more of these files then visit www.pixelatedbylev.com/downloads.php!

Upload or move all of these files to your server in the same directory. You will probably need to CHMOD emailme.php to 755.

That's all there is to it! You may rename the file of course, but the reason I have given it the name it has is to trick spam-bots into believing it is an authentic contact page. If it was called something such as "killspammers.php", then it is likely newer spidering technology would overlook the script and ignore it's contents.

Consult section 4 (METHODS OF CALLING THE SCRIPT) for information on the attached spacer.gif image.


The ONLY thing you may want to change is the $howmany variable on line 10. I have set it to 1000 by default but you are free to set it to how many ever you desire. This number determines how many fake email addresses it should generate per page-load. I think 1000 is a fairly decent number as the page loads quickly and is around 70-80 kilobytes.

4)==========METHODS OF CALLING THE SCRIPT==========

The best way to call the script is by linking to it from the bottom of your main page (or the bottom of ALL your pages). The reason I say the bottom is because it is a common known fact that when spam bots spider email addresses from web sites, they tend to look towards the bottom of pages for contact links. You simply link to the script as any other page using the simple HTML anchor tag:

   <A HREF="emailme.php">Click here to send me an email!</A>

Something like that.

Suppose, however, you do not want your visitors seeing the link(s) and you only want spammers to pick up on it. This is where the enclosed spacer.gif image comes in handy. I have provided a simple 1 x 1 pixel transparent gif image which will appear invisible to whoever is viewing your site, but can still be used as an image link and still read as a valid link by web-spiders. Here's how you would write the HTML tag for that:

   <A HREF="emailme.php"><IMG SRC="spacer.gif" ALT="spacer" BORDER="0"></A>

Make sure to include the BORDER="0" portion if you don't want some funky border showing up around the link!

6)==========HISTORY / HELP / TROUBLESHOOTING==========

Because this is the initial release of this script there is no history as of yet:

   Jan 25 2006 -  Released

If you have any problems with the installation or use of this script you are more than welcome to contact hide@address.com Likewise if you have ideas for improvement, suggestions, comments, complaints or concerns you are more than welcome to provide me with them.

Thanks for visiting www.pixelatedbylev.com!

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