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<!--Some Chess, a PHP multi-player chess server.
    Copyright (C) 2006 Jon Link-->
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<h2>Some Info:</h2>

<p><i>Moving:</i> You move in Some Chess by clicking first on the square you want to 
move from and then on the square you'd like to move to.</p>

<p><i>Castling:</i> The rule when castling is that you always move your king first.  In Some Chess 
you move you king first and the rook will go to the proper spot.</p>

<p><i>Pawn Promotion:</i> Once you get your pawn to the other player's back line you will be given the 
choice of what to promote the pawn to.</p>

<p><i>Stalemate:</i> Right now Some Chess doesn't know what a stalemate is.  The honor system is nice, 
both players should agree to draw (which is what a stalemate is).</p>

<p><i>Resign:</i> If you want to give up you should resign.  The game will be finished and 
it will be counted as a loss for you.  Be careful because there is no way to undo this.</p>

<p><i>Draw:</i> You can suggest a draw at anytime.  Your opponent must accept, otherwise the game
will continue.</p>

<p><i>Undo:</i> You can request an undo with one minute of your last move.  Your opponent must accept, otherwise the game
will continue.</p>

<p><i>Notation:</i> Some Chess uses <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portable_Game_Notation" class="about">pgn</a> 
notation, which you can export once the game is complete.  This is a nice way to save & play through 
your games again in another program, etc.</p>

<p><i>Importing PGN</i> To view a past game that is not in the database, played on Some Chess or elsewhere, all you need
to do is paste the entire contents of the game into the field under the "Import Game" option.</p>

<br />

<p>If you find something that Some Chess is doing wrong, or find something that Some Chess should 
be doing, please let me know.</p>

<p>If Some Chess doesn't look nice to you, you're probably using MS Internet Explorer.  
Stop doing that.  Seriously though, MS Internet Explorer has a lot of bugs that make it difficult
to code for, I'll be making an effort to ensure that Some Chess is usuable in IE, but it is a 
very low priority.  I am sorry, but any other modern browser (ex. firefox, safari, opera, camino)  
works perfectly.</p>

<p>Finally, I just want to say thanks for using this.  Thanks.</p>

<br />

<p><h2>More About Some Chess</h2>
see <a href="http://astrodogpress.com/chess" class="about">The Some Chess website</a></p>

<p><h2>Chess Help</h2>
If you need help understanding the rules, special moves, concepts, notation (etc) a good basic
resource is <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chess" class="about">Wikipedia</a>.  Or take a book out of your
local library, or search google for one of the thousands of websites dedicated to chess.</p>
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