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There are two example files: carousel.html and photos.html.
carousel.html is from Dynamic Drive at http://www.dynamicdrive.com/
(Carousel Slideshow II- By Harry Armadillo
(http://www.codingforums.com/showthread.php?t=58814)).  I have made
minor changes in it to use SlideShow.php. The changes are pretty well
commented. This is an example of how easy it is to change a hard coded
list to use SlideShow.php.  This example uses a remote site. To use
the local file system you would need to change the actual 'img' code
which would be a little harder.

The photos.html example uses the SlideShow.js and SlideShow.php files.
You can use SlideShow.js and SlideShow.php together to create slide
shows for any site. The files are pretty well commented. Look at the
photos.html for instructions in the <head> section. The SlideShow.js
has comments at the start and on each method.  The SlideShow.php is
also well commented.

Note 1: I have used the prototype.js framework in the javascript parts
of the examples and in SlideShow.js. The prototype.js file should be
included with this package, if not check out the prototype web site at
Note 2: I have not tried any of this with IE on any version of
Windows. I don't use windows any more since I retired. I have always
hated that OS for what I think are very good reasons.

To install this demo do a 'tar xvzf SlideShow.tar.gz' in the 'Document
Root' of the web server or in a sub-directory. The tar will create a
'photosTest' directory and 'photosTest/images'. If you have already
untared this demo some place else before you read this README you can
just do a 'mv photosTest <Docuement Root>'.

NOTE 3: you may need to change the owner and permissions on the files.

To contact me email to hide@address.com

Barton Phillips
 www.bartonphillips.org (Google)
 www.bartonphillips.dyndns.org (my server which may be down while I'm
 on vacation or at nights. It is usualy available during the day)
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