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This is PHP solution for showing any SKYPE account status on your website
It solves problem, that skype server does not support HTTPS requests.
Therefore client javascript will fail it it attempts to connect to skype server via secure link (HTTPS).

Workaround - this solution replaces pure client implementation with pure server implementation,
and sends to client skype status acquired between servers. No client javascript implementation is required at all.



1/ create folder [skype_accounts] with writable permissions
2/ create folder [skype_images] and copy there skype status images. you can replace/create your own images.
3/ set/check correct paths in class and image names
4/ initiate the class - see examples #1 - #3 bellow:

example #1:
$skype = new Skype_Status();
$skype_data = $skype->get_skype_status('myskypename', 120);
echo $skype_data['html'];

example #2:
$skype = new Skype_Status();
$skype->show_picture('myskypename', 120);

example #3:
$skype->show_html('myskypename', 120);
Now check - you should see new file inside of directory [.../skype_accounts/skype_status.MYSKYPENAME.txt]


please report bugs to: hide@address.com

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