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phpsitemail v2.0 ©2003 http://netcode.net

you are free to use this script however you like aslong as this notice and the others remains intact.
it doesn't even appear on your page, just in the source, so it's not much to ask :-)

!!!!!!! variables to set !!!!!!!!!

$style     - if you want to use the form as it is with the theme leave this (recomended)
           - if you want to try and include it into your own page so it uses your own stylesheet set the value to 0
$to        - your email address

$site_name - The name of your website

$site_addr - the url of your website


$style = "1";
$to = "hide@address.com";
$site_name = "Your Site Name";
$site_addr = "http://yoursite.com";

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