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Changes V1.5.0 to 1.5.2:

*Prior to this version, SSAM would not perform a recursive scan on a Windows/IIS server. It would only scan the root,  or nominated directory. SSAM is now compatible with Windows/IIS and will perform a full recursive scan.

*I have added the ability to ignore directories during the scan. This can be useful on very large sites or with        password protected directories, where scanning may not be necessary.

*The time taken to scan a site has been decreased. Especially where the user has nominated directories to be ignored.

*Added a file comparison utility, accessible via a new button on the 'Preferences' page (index.php)
*Added ability to download modified files from the SSAM log display. This will allow the user to download to local      machine, for eventual comparison with a backed up copy, using the file comparison utility mentioned above. Any request to download that receives an HTTP error, will not be available for download. E.g. file not found or password           protected. 
*Changed FTP/DB text boxes to password boxes on the setup page (index1.php) See 'readme.html'

*Changed info icons on all pages from onHover to onClick event. User request. onHover action was becoming a little      tedious and I had to agree with him.

*Fixed most of the Internet Explorer CSS bugs in v1.5.0 

*First release
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