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 simple password generation, heiko @ dillemuth dot de (c) 11/2002

 returns an alphanumeric string

 len (optional)    = lenght of string returned (max. 30)
 offset (optional) = code to generate password string, maybe the client ip address

 How to use

 $p=new rnd_pass();
 $p->rnd_pass(5, "mycodeword");               #Generate password with len=5 chars
 print $p->get_pass();


class rnd_pass

  var $tmppass;

  function rnd_pass($len=5, $offset="codeword")

    if($len>30)         #max. 30 Char

    $this->tmppass=substr(md5($pass), 2, $len);


  function get_pass()

    return $this->tmppass;


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