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-------------> Summary
Simple multi-user rights managment. Ask to login on protected pages.
Admin manager interface included.
No database. 1 line of code to insert at the top of protected pages.

-------------> Author
Logan Dugenoux - 2004

-------------> License

-------------> Main methods :
checkLogin()			Ask user to login if not logged, and if logon is wrong, dont displays the page
checkLogin(0)		Ask user to login if not logged, and if logon is wrong, displays the page anyway
checkLogin(0,0)		Don't ask user to login if not logged, see userIsLogged()
ManageUsers()		Displays Manager interface if user is admin
userIsLogged()		Return true if user login is successfull (use with checkLogin(0,0))
userName()			Return the userName the louser logged with
LogOut()				Logs out current user.
						Automatic if page.php?simpleLogin_logOut=1 is used.

-------------> Example :
require "simpleLogin.php";
$sl = new simpleLogin();
$sl->CheckLogin();		this will not display the page if not logged
$sl->ManageUsers();		Put this line if you wand the admin to see the manager interface
You are identified !<br><br>Your user name is <?=$sl->userName();?>
<br><br><a href=?simpleLogin_logOut=1>logout</a>
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