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Package Name: Simple Login Class
Version: 1.00
Author: Balaji J H
HomePage: http://jhbalaji.com
EMail: hide@address.com / hide@address.com
Developed For: BloggerPoster.com


This Simple Login System used to prevet pages from unauthorized access

Just go through the codes feel free to modify as per your need but please note that copyright notice 
and header informations in the files must be as Such and they should note be altered in any form!



* Proven Security system and Unbreakable!
* Light in Weight
* No DB needed to stores the login credentials
* Uses access encoding technique(base64) and two hashing techniques(SHA1 & MD5) to store your password more securely!
* Can be used any where just be embedding a snippet at top of the file to be protected
* Can be used to store any number of User Logins
* Can handle sessions for safety 
* Seperate access files to register, login and logout
* Very Simple User Registration!
* Handy and can be used for any purposes
* No Configuration is needed to use this class
* Highly reliable!


The Simple Login Class consists of 6 files
1. secure-jh.php
2. index.php
3. login.php
4. logout.php
5. register.php
6. userpwd.txt
7. License.txt

class.secure-jh.php contain all the core class functions for this Login system to work
Index.php is the homepage and access example of passwod proected pages here
login.php is used to login inot the system to access the password protected pages
logout.php is used to logout from the system saftely!
register.php is used to register a login (username and password)
userpwd.txt stores the username and password in it!
License.txt Contain Licensing Information about the Class

Just upload all the files at the Root of the directory, in which you need to prevent the pages


Place the below Snippet to Password Protect the Pages
Note that the below Snippet must be placed at the Beginnig of the pages i.e before <html> or whatever

	$jh = new loginjh();


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