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<h1>PHP + jQuery Simple Chatroom Documentation</h1>

<h2>Configurable Settings</h2>

<p>To change some of the Chatroom settings, open the file
'<i>chatconfig.php</i>' from the 'www' folder in a plain-text
editor (for example Windows Notepad) and edit the values of the
desired variables:</p>

		<p>The maximum number of chat posts to store in the chatroom
		data file.  Too high values can cause slow loading times
		and possibly 'hog' server bandwidth.  Must be a whole number.
		<code>$chat_postlimit = 30;</code>
		<i>30 most recent chat messages will be stored</i>.</p></li>
		<p>The minimum number of seconds a user must wait in between
		posts on the chatroom.  A higher value means less work for
		the server and less chance of spamming, but can be annoying
		for users.  Must be a whole number (the number of seconds).
		<code>$chat_timelimit = 3;</code>
		<i>Users would have to wait a minimum of three seconds between
		posting on the server</i>.</p></li>
		<p>The maximum number of characters a users post in the chatroom
		can contain.  Must be a whole number.
		<code>$chat_maxline = 100;</code>
		<i>Users posts cannot exceed 100 characters length</i>.</p></li>
		<p>The number of seconds between chatroom refreshes.  A lower number
		can give a smoother effect, but causes more traffic for the server.
		The value can be a decimal number, as it is converted into milliseconds.
		<code>$chat_refresh = 0.8;</code>
		<i>The chatroom content is refreshed every 800 milliseconds</i>.</p></li>
		<p>The file in which chatroom content will be stored.  By default this
		is "chat.dat".  You do not need to change this value, but if you wish to
		then use the relative path of the target file enclosed within
		speach marks.</p></li>

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