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<title>Enum example</title>
$array = array('spring', 'summer', 'autumn', 'winter');

#Create Enum
$eSeason = new SimpleEnum($array);

#Using printValues(): Print in <pre> format for debug purpose

#Using values(): This is the same as $eSeason->printValues();
print '<pre>';	print_r($eSeason->values()); print '</pre>';		

#Using length() to get the number of items in enum
print $eSeason->length().'<br/>';	//Print 4

#Using is() to get the enum
$result = $eSeason->is('spring');

#Example of using Enum
if($result == $eSeason->is('spring')){
	print 'Result is spring'.'<br/>';	//Print

if($result == $eSeason->is('summer')){
	print 'Result is summer'.'<br/>';	//Not print

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