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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
	<!--These can be given any name as long as you use that name to connect to it with.-->
	<!--For a list of connection strings visit http://www.carlprothman.net/Default.aspx?tabid=81 -->
	<db name="ODBC" readonly="false">
		<username variable="Uid" />
		<password variable="Pwd" />
		<option variable="DSN">DSN</option>
	<db name="MS Access" readonly="false">
		<option variable="Driver">Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)</option>
		<option variable="Dbq">C:\data\access.mdb</option>
	<db name="MySQL" readonly="false">
		<username variable="Uid" />
		<password variable="Pwd" />
		<option variable="Driver">mySQL</option>
		<option variable="Server">localhost</option>
		<option variable="Port">3306</option>
		<option variable="Option">131072</option>
		<option variable="Stmt"></option>
		<option variable="Database">dbName</option>
	<db name="Active Directory" readonly="true">
		<username variable="User Id" />
		<password variable="Password" />
		<option variable="Provider">ADSDSOObject</option>
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