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	// SharedMemory class 
	// Freeware 
	// you can use this freely without any warranty 
	// comments are appreciated: r.keizer qwerty vestingfinance.nl (replace qwerty with @) 

	class SharedMemory {
		public $key;				//unique identifier for the shared memory block
		public $shm;				//holds shared memory resource
		public $mutex;			//holds the mutex
		public $size;				//bytes to allocate
		public function __construct($key=3354354334, $size=10000) {		//default key, can be overridden, same for size
			$this->key = $key;
			$this->size = $size;
			$this->Attach();	//create resources (shared memory + mutex)

		//create resources
		public function Attach() {
			$this->shm = shm_attach($this->key, $this->size);	//allocate shared memory
			$this->mutex = sem_get($this->key, 1);		//create mutex with same key
		//write to shared memory
		public function Set($var) {
			sem_acquire($this->mutex);	//block until released
			shm_put_var($this->shm, $this->key, $var);	//store var 
			sem_release($this->mutex);	//release mutex	
		//read from shared memory
		public function Get() {
			sem_acquire($this->mutex);	//block until released
			$var = @shm_get_var($this->shm, $this->key);	//read var		
			sem_release($this->mutex);	//release mutex
			return $var;		

		// in case you want to serialize/unserialize the sharedmemory object 
		// this method restores all resources after unserializing
		public function __wakeup() {


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