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	include_once "sharedmemory.class.php";

	$s = new SharedMemory(54645645);					//create instance of shared memory object
	$history = $s->Get();						//read contents
	$username = isset($_POST["username"])?$_POST["username"]:"Anonymous";
	//add user message to history and write result back to shared memory
	if (isset($_POST["chat"]) && $_POST["chat"] != "") {
		$history .= sprintf("%s says: %s", $username, $_POST["chat"].chr(13));
		//strip oldest message if history exceeds 200 lines
		if (substr_count($history, chr(13)) > 200) {
			$history = substr($history, 1+strpos($history, chr(13)));
	//render history to textarea
	echo "<textarea rows=30 cols=80>$history</textarea>";
	//render user input controls
	echo "<form method='POST'>";
	echo "  <input type='text' size=20 name='username' value='$username'>";
	echo "  <input type='text' size=40 name='chat'>";
	echo "  <input type='submit' value='Send/Refresh'>";
	echo "</form>";
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