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*  @example of how to user ServerNavigator class

// Loads ServerNavigator class to this script
require_once "class.servernavigator.php";

// Starts $ServerNavigator object
$ServerNavigator = new ServerNavigator();

// Sets the starting folder that will be showed when running this script

// Sets a password protection to avoid anyone from seeing your server files

// Creates a list of allowed IPs to increase protection
$ServerNavigator->addAllowedIP("255.255.255.___"); // this will allow all IPs that starts
                                                   // with "255.255.255.(something)". It's
                                                   // useful for local nets.

// Hides all "mp3" and "mpg" files
$ServerNavigator->hideExtensions("mp3", "mpg");

// Sets if should use image icons (Apache servers only) or a HTML <div> icon

// Sets if ServerNavigator should get the real subfolder size. This takes more time if
// you have subfolders with many files, so the default set is "false"

// Shows server contents

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