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By downloading this software you are deemed to have accepted the SelectaCart license agreement. A
copy of the agreement will have already been provided to you, but may also be found in your
downloaded copy of SelectaPix or by visiting http://www.outofthetrees.co.uk/selectapix/terms.php


README.txt			This file
license.txt			The SelectaPix license agreement
   SelectaPix		The SelectaPix application files


Before attempting the installation of this software you should ensure that your host
server meets the minimum specifications as follows:
1. php scripting language
    Your server must have at least php v4.2.0 installed. If you are unsure see below*
2. mysql database
    You will need to have at least mysql v3.20.00 installed, with a database already created,
    plus a username and password with permissions to select, insert, drop, create and delete
    from your database.
3. GD library
    The GD library is required by php for manipulating images. GD is bundled with php for linux/unix
    and may just need to be enabled. If you are unsure see below*
4. An FTP account!

* If in doubt, try the following.
Test manually for server extensions:
Copy and paste the following in to a text editor (such as notepad):
Save the file as test.php and upload it via ftp to your webspace.
Now fire up your favourite web browser and go to http://yourdomain.co.uk/test.php. Scrolling
down you will find the current version of php and whether or not GD is installed.


Once you have checked that your server meets the prerequisites as above you are ready to
begin the installation.
1. Open the following file in a text editor (not WordPad!) and change the relevant values in double inverted
    Save and close the file.
2. Upload the entire contents of the SelectaPix directory (but not the SelectaPix folder itself)
    to your gallery folder on your webserver being careful to upload images in binary format, and 
    everything else in ascii format.
3. Change the file permissions (CHMOD 0777 on unix/linux systems) to make your images directory
    (defined as IMAGE_DIR in config.php above) writeable.
4. Fire up your favourite web browser and go to http://yourdomain.co.uk/your_install_dir/install/install.php.
5. Read the instructions carefully and follow the on-screen prompts. The installation script will
    create database tables and create an admin user for you.
6. If the installer encounters problems during setup you will be provided information about the cause,
    possible solutions and an opportunity to remedy them if appropriate.
7. Once the install is complete, for security reasons, you should delete the entire install
    directory. You can now access your Control Panel and begin the process of uploading images etc.


Your Control Panel should now be available via http://yourdomain.co.uk/your_install_dir/admin/login.php.
Login and begin setting up your site. Here are some of the tasks you will need/may want to complete from
within the admin area:
1. Add any additional users & set their access levels
2. Upload images
    You may add images either one or up to ten at a time via your Control Panel.


SelectaPix software is supplied with a generic style that can easily be customised to blend with your
own site. All code is XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant, with styles being separated from content in
style sheets. This means that you can change the look of the entire public site by editing just one file.
You may also add additional content to your gallery pages by editing the two main public files (see below).
The user editable files and their locations are listed below:
1. Public gallery pages
    /assets/ folder contains:
    general.css - the main style sheet
    popup.css - the popup window style sheet
    / (root) folder contains:
    index.php - the main 'home' page (insert content where indicated)
    view_album.php - the galleries page (insert content where indicated)

2. Admin pages
    /admin/assets/ folder contains:
    admin.css - the admin style sheet

There are /* Comments */ throughout the stylesheets to assist with site redesigns.

When editing either index.php or view_album.php you may now (as of v1.3) include your own php files and functions.
You may wish to reorganise the order of content on the gallery pages, so the following may help:
The gallery content is inserted via the $page->ShowBody() function call. By default this needs to enclosed in div wrapper.
The page titles are inserted via the $page->pagetitle(); function call. This does not generate any html.
The stylesheet link is inserted via the $page->stylesheet(); function call. This does not generate any html.
The breadcrumb trail is inserted via the $page->crumbs(); function call. This generates all the html required to display the breadcrumb trail and it's div.

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