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//Instance the secShield Class
//You might put it at the top of your PHP code

  $secShield = new secShield;

//Control the acess to the website preventing url injections. MAX_QUERY_ERROR = 10;
//The Function AcessControl will return false if the user got the maximum query error number.
//The information is stored in sessions and cookies.

  if(!$secShield->AcessControl()) {

     echo '<H3>User Banned !</H3>';
     echo 'IP: '. $secShield->secShield_IP . '<br />';
     echo 'Ban-TimeStamp: '. $secShield->secShield_TS . '<br />';
     echo '<B>Banned for 1 day.</B>';


  } else {

     echo 'welcome';


//Return an Array with the url query as key and values

  $array_query = $secShield->getQuery();

//Example Printing the array query

  echo '<pre>';
  echo '</pre>';


<br />
<br />
<br />
<a href="index.php?secShield=<?PHP echo $secShield->setQuery('class=secShield&developer=Tiago Sarlo&Age=25&Email=hide@address.com'); ?>">secShield Testing</a>
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