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by Pawel 'Pavlus' Janisio
License: GPL v3
Example file

require_once('../mysql_driver.php'); //include class file

$DB = new DB_MYSQL('localhost','3306','root','password', 'mysql'); //connect to database (host, port, user, password, database)

//$DB = new DB_MYSQL('localhost','3306','root','password', 'mysql', 2); //connect to database with debug mode = 2

//$DB->createDB('forgotten', 'latin1'); //create database 'forgotten' with latin1 default charset
//echo '<br>';

$DB->optimizeDB();  //database optimization

//$DB->importDumpexec('/home/pavlus/public_html/class_database/samples/mysqldump.sql'); //import sql file REMEMBER to use global path!

//Functions displaying mysql server statistics and variables

echo $DB->dbVars();
echo '<br>';

//Display various statistics

echo $DB->dbStatistics();
echo '<br>';

//Queries syntax display

echo $DB->showSyntaxes();
echo '<br>';

//Show debug level

echo $DB->showDebugLevel();
echo '<br>';

//Locks tables db, event, func from WRITE access

echo 'Tables locked from write';
echo '<br>';

//unlocks all locked tables  

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