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<p><strong>Name:</strong> ScriptBox<br />
  <strong>Version: </strong>1.9.0<br />
  <strong>Description:</strong> A collection of general purpose functions<br />
  <strong>License:</strong> GNU General Public License (GPL)<br />
  <strong>Author: </strong>Michael J. Burgess<br />
  <strong>Contact Email: </strong>hide@address.com</p>
<p>This class has a collection of functions for general web development purposes. Feel free to email suggestions.</p>
<p>It can:</p>
-Parse and Display RSS feeds using tables and optional CSS <br />
-Create RSS feeds and use CSS for default styles!
- Generate forms for searching the Web with Google<br />
  - Produce dates in various formats<br />
  - Redirect to pages using either HTTP headers or Javascript with a countdown timer<br />
  - Using sessions, restrict access to pages and produce a login form<br />
  - Select one or more random quotes from a list of many<br />
  - Make predefined text in a page fade when the mouse is moved over a HTML element<br />
  - Make any page element be draggable with the user mouse<br />
  - WaterMark Images with text<br />
  - Produce a link which bookmarks a page<br />
  - Produce promotional buttons (for firefox)</p>
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