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Module: Saved Searches
Revision: 1.6

Module integration instructions

1/ Link to "Saved Searches" is as following (recommended to be added into 
user_menu.htm) :
<a href="modules.php?mod=Saved_Searches">Saved Searches</a>

2/ Add in search results page (search_results.htm, search_no_match.htm) this code
(unless it is already there) :

<!-- Saved_Searches Start Here -->

function SaveSearch(){
  var an_p = prompt("Type in the name you would like to give this search. Choose something easy to remember, yet descriptive and easily recognizable. Name this search:", "");
  if(an_p) document.location="modules.php?mod=Saved_Searches&act=save&search="+encodeURIComponent(an_p)+"&ref="+encodeURIComponent(document.location);

<a href="javascript:SaveSearch()">Save This Search</a>

<!-- Saved_Searches End Here -->
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