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	<h3 style="color:blue; font:bold 14px georgia,serif;">General Usage</h3>
	<h3>Shortcode Method</h3>
	[safemarking] - Will output links based on settings in the admin panel.<br />
	[safemarking marks="facebook, twitter, (etc)"] - To manually select bookmarking links and control order
	safemarking("facebook,twitter,etc") - to specify bookmarks with full control over order<br />
	safemarking() - Will pull the bookmarks as set up in the admin panel<br />

	<h3>Available Bookmarks Codes</h3>
	<p class="description">
		Unless noted, the name of the bookmarking site is the code used for scripting.
	<b>Facebook</b> / fb<br />
	<b>Twitter</b><br />
	<b>Delicious</b> / del<br />
	<b>Digg</b><br />
	<b>Newsvine</b><br />
	<b>LinkedIn</b> / li<br />
	<b>Stumble</b> / su (StumbleUpon)<br />
	<b>Technorati</b><br />
	<b>Reddit</b><br />
	<b>Google</b> (Google Bookmarks)<br />
	<b>Yahoo</b> (Yahoo Bookmarks)<br />
	<b>gPlus:</b> gplus, gplussmall, gplusmedium, gplustall<br />
	<b>Facebook like:</b> likecount, likestandard<br />
	<b>Pinterest:</b> pinit, pinit-vertical, pinit-horizontal<br />
	<p style="margin-top:30px;">See <a href="http://www.safemarking.com/wordpress/">SafeMarking.com/wordpress</a> for more information and help guides on using this plugin</p>
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