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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
$rss=new RSSWriter("http://www.example.org/", "Example Site", 
	"The best examples out there.", 
		array("dc:publisher" => "Example Publishing Inc.", 
		"dc:creator" => "E X Ample <hide@address.com>"));
	"Example Site: All the Examples Fit to Print"); 

"First Example Page");

"Second Example Page",
array("description" => "This is the second page of examples on this wonderful site",
"dc:subject" => "examples",
"dc:creator" => "Fred <hide@address.com>"));
//echo "hello";

$xyz= $rss->getxml();
echo $xyz;

$File_path = "abc.xml";
	$fp = fopen ($File_path, "w");
	fwrite ( $fp, $xyz);
	fclose ($fp);	

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