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// Copy this file to your project and edit the settings

// Setting this is an optimization to avoid finding rouge at runtime
define('ROGUE_DIR', '/full/path/to/rogue');

// set to the location of the compiled views. Must be web writable, 
// and should be outside of the webroot directory for security.
define('VIEW_CACHE_DIR', '/path/to/cache');

// If set to false, Xhtml views will be recompiled on every page load
// regardless of modification time.
define('LIB_VIEW_CACHE_ENABLE', true);

// Enables or disables all caching in cache/LocalCache.php and 
// cache/NetworkCache.php This option is usually set to false in dev,
// and true in integration / production
define('LIB_CACHE_ENABLE', true);

// If set to false, mysql_free_memory() will not be called 
// Set to true for long running or offline scripts,
// false for normal operation (let PHP handle memory frees)
define('LIB_FREE_MEMORY', false);

// Enable advanced database profiling.  Requires the Profile schema.
// Should only be used in dev / integration when looking at specific
// mysql execution plans.
define('ROGUE_PROFILE', false);

// All scripts log through the Logger
require ROGUE_DIR . '/util/Logger.php';
// Only include this if you are using XhtmlViews
require ROGUE_DIR . '/views/XhtmlView.php';
// Only include this if you are using database persistence
require ROGUE_DIR . '/persistence/DB.php';

// database connection settings
$GLOBALS['database-map'] = array('SchemaName1' => 'ServerName', 'SchameName2' => 'ServerName');
$GLOBALS['database-auth'] = array(
    'ServerName-master' => array('host' => 'ServerName', 'username' => 'User', 'password' => 'Password'),
    'ServerName-slave' => array('host' => 'ServerName', 'username' => 'User', 'password' => 'Password'),
$GLOBALS['database-map'] = array('MyDatabase' => 'localhost');
$GLOBALS['database-auth'] = array(
    'localhost-master' => array('host' => 'localhost', 'username' => 'root', 'password' => 'pass'),
    'localhost-slave' => array('host' => 'localhost', 'username' => 'root', 'password' => 'pass'),

$GLOBALS['logfile'] = '/tmp/mylog.log';
// valid levels are TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL
$GLOBALS['loglevel'] = Logger::TRACE;
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