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Rex v1.1 features:
- Proxy port scan can be disabled (in some cases, it blocks users that have port 80 open in their router configuration)
- Added checkspamcop() that checks if a user IP is registered as spammer on Spamcop.net (can be enabled/diabled)
- Function filtraxss() renamed to checkxss() because it really checks the presence of malicious xss doesn't filter anything
- Function checkxss() only accepts arrays
- Added filterxss() that removes or disables tags
- Added checksize_db_data() that can be used to check for data size before inserting in database
- Added filtersql() that escapes special characters in a string for use in a SQL statement
- Portuguese variables renamed to english for better understanding the code to a larger community

Rex v1.0 features:

- Log activity into a file (IP, datetime and text)
- Checks if the IP of the user is a Proxy
- Checks XSS attacks from GET and POST method 


recordlog(IP, MSG)

For better understanding, check also the example files.
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