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// make sure you have a .htaccess file that points to this file for 404 errors use something like this:
// ErrorDocument 404 ctr.php
// it isn'T wrong to catch 401 and 403 errors, too


// create rewriter instance use the names set in the class script
$controller = new rewriter();
// parsing the incomming request to the REQUEST array
$REQUEST = $controller->decode($REQUEST_URI);
//tell the clinet that everything is ok and the file was found!

// display result for understanding
echo "<pre>";
echo "</pre>";

// now see what happend:
switch($REQUEST['page']) {
// the URI http://localhost/rewriter/first.html moved to one of these results...

 case "first" : 
  // so this is the page, that is displayed if there is first.html given...
  echo "First page called"; echo "<br><a href=\"".$controller->encode(array("second"),".html")."\">second</a>";
 case "second" : echo "Second page called"; echo "<br><a href=\"".$controller->encode(array("third"),".html")."\">third</a>";break;
 case "third" : echo "Third page called"; echo "<br><a href=\"".$controller->encode(array("index"),".html")."\">index</a>";break;

 default : 
  // this page is called if there is no 'file' given
  echo "Default page called"; echo "<br><a href=\"".$controller->encode(array("first"),".html")."\">first</a>";


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