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 * File: example.php
 * Description: Received Mail Example
 * Created: 01-03-2006
 * Author: Mitul Koradia
 * Email: hide@address.com
 * Cell : +91 9825273322
// Create Object For reciveMail Class
$obj= new receiveMail('hide@address.com','XXX','hide@address.com','mail.example.com','pop3','110');
//Connect to the Mail Box
// Get Total Number of Unread Email in mail box
$tot=$obj->getTotalMails(); //Total Mails in Inbox Return integer value
echo "Total Mails:: $tot<br>";
	$head=$obj->getHeaders($i);  // Get Header Info Return Array Of Headers **Key Are (subject,to,toOth,toNameOth,from,fromName)
	echo "Subjects :: ".$head['subject']."<br>";
	echo "TO :: ".$head['to']."<br>";
	echo "To Other :: ".$head['toOth']."<br>";
	echo "ToName Other :: ".$head['toNameOth']."<br>";
	echo "From :: ".$head['from']."<br>";
	echo "FromName :: ".$head['fromName']."<br>";
	echo "<br><BR>";
	echo "<br>*******************************************************************************************<BR>";
	echo $obj->getBody($i);  // Get Body Of Mail number Return String Get Mail id in interger
	$str=$obj->GetAttech($i,"./"); // Get attached File from Mail Return name of file in comma separated string  args. (mailid, Path to store file)
	foreach($ar as $key=>$value)
		echo ($value=="")?"":"Atteched File :: ".$value."<br>";
	echo "<br>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>";
	//$obj->deleteMails($i); // Delete Mail from Mail box
$obj->close_mailbox();   //Close Mail Box

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