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<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">

	<title>Test Set Operations</title>


define("RDFAPI_INCLUDE_DIR", "./../api/");

echo "<h2>1. Generate and show two models</h2>";

// Create empty models
$model = new Model();

$model2 = new Model();

// Create nodes and add statements to models
$myhomepage = new Resource("http://www.bizer.de/welcome.html");
$creator = new Resource("http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/creator");
$me = new Resource("mailto:hide@address.com");
$model->add(new Statement($myhomepage, $creator, $me));
$model2->add(new Statement($myhomepage, $creator, $me));

$creation_date = new Resource("http://www.example.org/terms/creation-date");
$August16 = new Literal("August 16, 2002");
$model->add(new Statement($myhomepage, $creation_date, $August16));
$model2->add(new Statement($myhomepage, $creation_date, $August16));

$language = new Resource("http://www.example.org/terms/language");
$deutsch = new Literal("Deutsch", "de");
$model->add(new Statement($myhomepage, $language, $deutsch));

$name = new Resource("http://www.example.org/terms/Name");
$chrisbizer = new Literal("Chris Bizer");
$model2->add(new Statement($me, $name, $chrisbizer));

// Output as Table
echo "<h2>Model 1</h2>";
echo "<h2>Model 2</h2>";
echo "<P>";

echo "<h2>2. Make some tests</h2>";
echo "Test: Model 2 contains any statements from model 1 :".$model2->containsAny($model)."<p>"; 
echo "Test: Model 1 contains any statements from model 2 :".$model->containsAny($model2)."<p>"; 
echo "Test: Model 2 contains all statements from model 1 :".$model2->containsAll($model)."<p>"; 
echo "Test: Model 1 contains all statements from model 2 :".$model->containsAll($model2)."<p>"; 
echo "Test: Model 1 equals model 2 :".$model->equals($model2)."<p>"; 

echo "<h2>3. Unite model 1 and model 2</h2>";
$model3 =& $model->unite($model2);

echo "<h2>4. Intersect model 1 and model 2</h2>";
$model4 =& $model->intersect($model2);

echo "<h2>5. Substract model 2 from model 1</h2>";
$model5 =& $model->subtract($model2);

echo "<h2>6. Reify model 1</h2>";
$model6 =& $model->reify();


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