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			<h1>Post-Install Tasks</h1>
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			Once your <span class="rconfigNameStyle">rConfig</span> installation is complete, you need to carry out some essential tasks per the list below. Please review the overview section to remind your self of some of the concepts of <span class="rconfigNameStyle">rConfig</span> before you start inputting data
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			<b>Login Credentials:-</b><br/>
			Default username:- <b>admin</b><br/>
			Default password:- <b>admin</b><br/><br/>
			Please carry out the following tasks once you are logged in to <span class="rconfigNameStyle">rConfig</span>
			<ul class="checklist">
				<li>Delete the install diectory after installation is complete</li>
				<li>Reset admin password on the <b>settings/users</b> page</li>
				<li>Create new users on the <b>settings/users</b> page</li>
				<li>Add a vendor on the <b>devices/vendors</b> page</li>
				<li>Add commands on the <b>devices/commands</b> page</li>
				<li>Add custom properties on the <b>devices/Custom Properties</b> page</li>
				<li>Verify and update all settings on the <b>settings</b> page</li>
				<li>Take a system backup on the <b>settings/system backups</b> page</li>
				<li>Add a device</li>
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